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Where should I sell my products?

I would like to bake some cakes and desserts and sell them somewhere. I need help on how to sell, where to sell and finding things I will need to get started. I love cooking and baking. I want to bake my own cakes and desserts, then package them off and sell them to costumers. The thing is, I live in the Etobicoke, Ontario, Martin Grove and Albion area and I don't know how or where to start. I am a single mother and will need help financially and I need help on how to get funds. I currently don't have a job and I don't think that the banks will give me a loan. But I really want to start somewhere and this is something I really want to do. I think after getting started, I will be very successful.
<P>Great to see you want to give it a go.  That's the biggest step.  </P>
<P>As for the business, start small, use word of mouth and get the products right.  Finding out which of your cakes sell the best and make a good profit is the start, so make sure you test this with different groups.  Maybe even go to markets or anywhere where you can get permission and give away taste tests and allow people to place an order, or even have stock to sell them right away.</P>
<P>Then, once you know what sells the best and what prices people are willing to pay, you can start looking to sell in bulk to small café's, etc., and grow from there.</P>
<P> </P>

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