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Is it better to pre-sell my product or wait until I have the product available to sell?

We have a new medical device, a disposable product, and our company is mixed up over this situation. Some of us feel we should have the product in hand (and in sufficient quantity) to be able to service the needs of the end-user. However, others feel that if they are truly interested they will be willing to pre-purchase and wait for the product (like the new iphone).
I would go for making the sales now and building anticipation, as long as you don't do an airbus and promise something within a time frame you can't deliver your product by.  The only reason not to pre-sell is that you doubt delivery.

With the pre-sale, make it a big deal that you are taking pre-orders, kind of like Amazon does with new books and DVDs.

Great question and enjoy the selling,
Brad Sugars

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