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Is it possible to raise money for a charity and keep some of it for yourself, like a salary?

I have many deaf friends living here in Washington state, California, and my best one in Las Vegas, Nevada. We were talking about business ideas and I mentioned there has to be ways deaf people could work more jobs that hearing people have. There has to be more resources out there. So I mentioned why don't I find out if I could raise money for the National Association for the Deaf by calling and asking for donations. I would love to do this and so does my wife. We could even put ads on local radio or television stations. But, obviously, this could become quite costly. Are there ways to pay myself and my wife if we devoted ourselves to this cause?
If you set up a nonprofit, you are able to have salaries/wages. I would visit with a nonprofit specialist in your area because there are very specific details as to what you can and cannot do within the nonprofit guidelines.

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