Without having specific information about your products and target markets (the kinds of companies within the delivery industry are you seeking to engage and your geographic footprint--local, regional, national and global) it's hard to make good recommendations.

That said, a general rule of thumb on direct mail return is 1-3 percent, with 1 percent being average, 2 percent good, and 3 percent really good. You can easily boost this ratio of return through coordinated campaigns and strong sales processes including phone contact and e-mail marketing in the mix. Research the most cost-effective methods: face-to-face networking, transportation marketing and web-based tools.

On the internet, use every platform out there to introduce your brand to diverse audiences. That should include a branded e-newsletter, podcasting, video, blogging, Pay per Click, PR, editorial (submitting pertinent articles to appropriate sites), YouTube, MySpace and Facebook. A more viral presence can also help boost your search engine rankings organically, which is always a good thing!

Of course, all these vehicles have to be used intelligently, with a strategy in order to achieve above average returns. There are also lots of other creative guerrilla initiatives you can use and leverage--like trade shows, contests, and costumed characters--but the key is to be in tune with the end buyer, so you can then figure out the best combination of to-do's that will reach, educate and engage them.

Good luck with all your endeavors!
Pattie Simone