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How do you increase perceived value of a company that wants to attract potential investors?

My company operates in a highly competitive environment in a specialized category. To gain more power in this category, we are looking to raise more money. If you could create a list of Top 10 Things that represent value for investors, what would those be?
This was an interesting question, so I answered it on my blog on the site. It starts with the following ...

I'd like to answer with a top 10 list, but hey, when you think of it, there are two things that represent value for investors:
  • Money now.

  • Much, much more money later.

  • Investors write a check now because they believe that money invested will multiply. They want as much return as they think they can get, on as little investment as they think they can get away with. And don't blame them for it; that's their job. That's what investment means.

    From there I go on to actually include a list of 9 items. Click here to read more.

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