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How do I start a creative outsourcing company in Chicago?

My target is small and medium enterprises that don't have independent marketing/advertising agencies. I would upload client requirements to my creative expert team in India, and they would e-mail the completed artwork back to me. I would like to know whether you think this has scope and would be successful.
First, you could buy “Creative Outsourcing” as a dot-com name, as well as variants like “Chicago Creative Outsourcing” or other iterations, and create a web portal for your business. More than that, it is important to get a business plan down on paper and get very clear about what you are
offering and what your customers can buy.

Keep in mind that you will be competing against sites such as and that allow companies to go directly to the source, without paying an agency. So how can you differentiate yourself ... and how will you get your name out to your targeted list of small and medium-size businesses?

Also keep in mind that the marketing function is highly dependent on relationships. Especially in the small business world, some owners want and need a physical presence to guide them through a process they don't have a lot of experience with . . . and don't fully understand.

On the face, the idea seems to have legs. For planning, however, you need a very clear idea of your target market, your point of
difference, your overall mission and vision, and your pricing structure. Those will be key to long-term success.

All the Best. Brad Sugars.

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