You'll need a combination of marketing and sales to let your target audience know about your website and to get them to use it. 

On the marketing side, direct mail that reaches the right decision makers should help begin to raise awareness about your site. You can use a campaign that includes oversized four-color postcards. Mail them a minimum of three times to the same carefully targeted list. 

Public relations efforts will also be important. Identify publications your target audience reads for important business information that relates to human resources and hiring. Then create a media-relations campaign that includes press releases and telephone follow-up to place stories in these key publications.

Marketing may get the attention of some key decision-makers, but sales will be essential to compel initial prospects to try this site. I suggest following up your postcard mailings with telephone calls to a select number of prospects. For example, let's say you have a list of 20,000 restaurants in your state and you mail your postcards to all of them.  I suggest making phone calls to follow up with several hundred following each mailing.