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I need to raise my employees' communications/presentation skills for a project dealing with the medical profession. What steps can I take to make them sound more professional on the phone?

This is a B2B phone conversation speaking to medical offices and personnel with a goal of speaking to the main physician.
First assess if your team is able to handle this. Successful phone solicitations, especially with senior-level business or medical professionals, require top-notch professional behavior and a strong command of communications. If you feel your team is able to meet those basic parameters, then draft an outline of your expectations clearly in writing.

Next up, develop a flexible script that they use for study and facts only--not to read from on the actual calls. This reference tool will help your team develop confidence in the subject matter.

Next up--actual dry runs--lots of them. Each team member should have adequate practice time (out loud) so he or she can develop a knowledgeable, highly professional, confident and friendly approach.

Evaluate their performances and tweak accordingly. Be honest with yourself about their abilities, as an initial bad impression is hard to overcome. If they are not up to the task, consider working with a professional organization like, to achieve your long term objectives (happy clients and repeat business).

Good luck with your training!

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