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If you have an angel investor, what forms and documents need to be written and what needs to be filed?

I am purchasing a business and expanding it. I have found an angel investor and I need to know what forms and documents need to be written and what needs to be filed. I am working on my Form D for the SEC and I'm doing my LLC. What else should I do?
Tim Berry answered August 7, 2007
You need to find a local attorney you can trust. They aren't all sharks--it's not nearly as bad as the myth. Get recommendations from local business people and interview prospective attorneys and ask them for clients you can talk to. Make sure the attorney does this kind of work regularly. They specialize, so you don't want a tax attorney, litigator, intellectual property, or real estate. You want one with a focus on small business. Take the time to do this well.

LLC details are different in every state, and in most states they are somewhat different for each LLC. Which forms you need depend on your specific situation, your location, and the specifics of the investor. Don't do this yourself. Work with an attorney.

Tim Berry is the chairman of Eugene, Ore.-Palo Alto Software, which produces business-planning software. He founded and wrote The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan, published by Entrepreneur Press. Berry is also a co-founder of, a leader in a local angel-investment group and a judge of international business-plan competitions.