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What are some good advertising techniques to use when moving to a new community?

I was forced to move my business of 26 years because of eminent domain. What are some good advertising techniques when moving to a new community?

We have a family-owned automotive repair shop and pre-owned car dealership. How do I gain the trust of the local community? We were famous in our previous location for our honesty. How do I project that image again in another location?
Roy Williams answered October 18, 2007
The story you relayed in your detailed question to me was actually the beginning of a pretty good ad. You could deliver it via radio, flyers under windshield wipers, direct mail postcards, newspaper ads -- whatever: "Eminent Domain is what the city calls it when they say they need to build a highway through your business. So after fixing cars in a place for 26 years, the city said I had to find a new place. I chose here because I like the community and I plan to spend the rest of my life here. I'm an auto mechanic. A good one. The one you've been looking for. Come and see our new place at __________. I'll pour you some coffee and fix your car. We're going to be good friends." The technique is straightforward, perfect for an honest guy like yourself. Bill Bernbach said it best: "I've got a great gimmick. Let's tell the truth." Good luck in your new location.

Roy William's is the founder and president of international ad agency Wizard of Ads. Roy is also the author of numerous books on improving your advertising efforts, including The Wizard of Ads and Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads.