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Quickbooks is too complex to me--what other accounting software do you recommend?

I don't understand how to make a transaction with my POS system and then write an invoice every time I make a sale. I need software that can basically input my daily sales and at the same time record my expenses too like my rent, light, gas etc. But I can't find software that does this. The Dome ledger I use now is too simple and the Quickbooks is too complicated. I need something that is right in the middle. Can you please help me or send me to someone that can help me?
Pam Newman answered January 25, 2008
Quickbooks is the ideal software for accounting. I would recommend going to a local training class or finding an accountant who will take the time to work with you on setting up good financial accounting software and helping you understand how to utilize it. It is very cost effective and very thorough. Any software is going to have a learning curve and working with a professional is ideal to help educate you on the process and improve your confidence as a business owner.
Pam Newman is a Certified Management Accountant, author and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor for Financial and Point-of-Sale software. She is also president of RPPC, Inc., which provides customized business development services.