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Is it legal to live and run a business out of a rental house that is zoned residential?

I would like to place a sign outside of the house. The house is directly across from a park and there are only four houses in sight. The landlord has given me approval to make the residence a home based-business. I am curious if the county would approve my request if I was able to get signatures from the neighbors, agreeing that my business would not a threat to their home.
Nina Kaufman answered November 21, 2008
Each county has its own procedures for how to get a zoning "variance" -- that is, to carve out an exception to how an area or property is meant to be zoned.

Just getting signatures from your neighbors (and your landlord) may not be sufficient, as the county may also need to consider what happens if other people make the same request. Sometimes, public hearings are involved.

Speak to a local attorney who's familiar with zoning regulations in your area. If you just put up your sign and encourage the vehicular traffic without following the proper channels, you could get yourself--and your landlord--in a lot of legal hot water.

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