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Claris FileMaker Pro, Macintosh Version 3.0

(Windows versions also available)

Overview: Designed for single and workgroup users without access to extensive support or advanced database programming expertise. Database files can have as many layouts as desired. New layouts and fields can be added whenever needed, without manually reconstructing the database, which makes keeping track of important business information a snap. Includes 40 ready-made, customizable templates which can be used for invoicing, lead tracking, contact management, mailing labels, time sheets, expense reports, and time and service billing. Creates appealing input screens, reports, labels, and mail-merge letters easily. Contains an on-screen tutorial. Can also be used as a storage and search engine for creating Web pages for the World Wide Web.

Minimum Mac System Requirements: 4 MB of RAM (8 MB required for Power Macintosh), Mac System 7.0 or later (System 7.1 or later recommended), CD-ROM drive or hard disk drive, optional AppleTalk, IPX/SPX, or TCP/IP Networking for multi-user file sharing.

Suggested Retail Price: $199.

Lotus Approach 96 for Windows 95

(Macintosh versions no longer in development)

Overview: Approach 96 is optimized for the Windows 95 operating system and takes full advantage of its 32-bit multi-task capabilities, and is designed to let new users become productive quickly. With more than 50 predesigned database templates for organizing information, it enables you to track, manage and analyze business information. Performs sophisticated data analysis and presents the results in dramatic-looking charts with impressive graphics. Contains advanced grouping and sorting options. Identifies the highest or lowest values in the database or in a set of records, for such uses as identifying your company's top ten best-selling products. Creates custom envelopes for large mailings with the help of a built-in assistant. Team computing capabilities enable multiple users to share information. Includes an online product "tour" to help with start-up.

Minimum IBM Compatible System Requirements: 8 MB of RAM, Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51, 386 or higher processor, hard drive with 15 MB of free space, a VGA or higher resolution monitor, mouse.

Suggested Retail Price: $129.

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