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Lotus 1-2-3 Release 5 for Windows

(Macintosh versions no longer in development)

Overview: The world's most popular spreadsheet program (17 million users worldwide). Release 5 for Windows is designed to be the easiest and most powerful spreadsheet for personal and workgroup use. Contains 12 spreadsheet templates to guide new users in preparing common business documents. Built-in formulas, formatting and other key components help get the job done fast. Allows users to directly enter and edit information in a cell, eliminating the need to use the control panel at the top of the screen for editing. Allows an unlimited number of fonts within a worksheet. Fully integrated mapping tool allows users to display worksheet data on a domestic or global map. Multiple currency formats. Also reads and writes Microsoft Excel, ASCII text, Paradox, dBase and shared Lotus Notes files.

Minimum IBM Compatible System Requirements: 4 MB of RAM, DOS 3.3 or higher running Microsoft Windows 3.1 or 3.11, 386 or higher processor, hard drive with 11 MB of free space.

Suggested Retail Price: $495.

Microsoft Excel for Windows 95

(Macintosh versions also available)

Overview: Performs up to 50 percent faster on average than earlier versions for recalculations, charting, file opening, as well as cutting, copying and pasting. Contains a variety of spreadsheet templates for financial planning, expense tracking, and other needs. The user-friendly "Answer Wizard" allows you to type in a question in your own words, then provides the information you need. Flexible analysis tools provide quick averages, counts, minimums and maximums. Advanced data mapping analyzes and displays geographically based data. AutoCorrect automatically corrects typos and misspellings as you type. Imports data easily from other spreadsheet programs. Includes unlimited, free product support.

Minimum IBM Compatible System Requirements: 6 MB of RAM, Windows 95 operating system or Micorsoft Windows NT Workstation version 3.1 or later, 386 or higher processor (486 recommended), hard drive with 18 MB of free space, one 3.5 inch high-density disk drive, VGA or higher resolution video adapter, mouse or compatible device.

Suggested Retail Price: $339.

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