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Fresh Start

Put your best foot forward this year with a new attitude toward business--and life.

Let's start the New Year out with a quiz. What's the one thing you need to ensure your future sales success--or, for that matter, your future life success? Here's a clue: Once you have "it," you won't have to wait until December 31 of each year to celebrate the approaching New Year. Every day will be cause for celebration.

Give up? It's "The Happy New Year Attitude."

No eye-rolling, please. OK, so maybe I'm just a cockeyed-optimist-turned-enlightened-genius who wishes she had woken up and smelled the cappuccino a bit sooner in life. But better late than never, so you won't hear me complaining.

Complaining is the last thing any of us need to do. It's been going on for a few millennia, with no end in sight. So try something different this year by working on acquiring the only thing you truly need to survive (and thrive)--The Happy New Year Attitude.

The Happy New Year Attitude is that grateful and appreciative state of mind a person possesses while contemplating all the gifts he or she has received, both past and present. When you find yourself in this state of mind, your energy will become inexhaustible. Daily tasks will roll off your back, and creative ideas will flow freely.

Based on the big grin on your face and your tone of voice, some skeptics will presume you're on something potent. But what you're on is the natural energizer derived by simply living life with all its built-in agonies and ecstasies.

It's the kind of high experienced by people who formerly took things for granted but suddenly feel a sense of appreciation. One such person is my thirtysomething friend, a competitive downhill skier, who sat out two winters from the ski slopes receiving chemotherapy for cancer.

"The big `C' is now in remission," she told me. "I can already feel the high that I'll know this winter, a first thrill, like in those earlier times when I first got the hang of moving down that pristine white mountain. I cry thinking about how lucky I am now."

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This article was originally published in the January 1997 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Fresh Start.

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