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Hidden Treasures

Use Windows 95 applets to discover a host of helpful mini-programs.

Hidden Treasures

Use Windows 95 applets to discover a host of helpful mini-programs.

Before you rush right out and buy a batch of new applications for your computer, you should know there's a trove of tiny treasures already waiting for Windows 95 users. Windows provides Accessories, a group of utilities and applets. Utilities are programs with which you can analyze hardware and software (such as determining whether a diskette is good or bad, or if your hard drive has a virus), or perform computer-related tasks (such as finding particular files). Applets are "mini" versions of full-featured programs, such as word processors and databases, or programs that are small in size (for example, an onscreen calculator or daily calendar). You can use Windows applets as a supplement to, or instead of, other programs.

Windows almost always provides more than one method of executing a task. This holds true for starting an applets program. If you plan to use an applet only occasionally, you can simply select it from the Start menu. However, if you will use the applet often, you can add a shortcut to your desktop. Using a shortcut immediately starts a program, saving you from selecting from two or three menus. (See "Desktop Shortcuts," below, for more information on creating shortcuts.)

To start an applet from the Start menu, click on the Start button. When the menu opens, move your pointer to Programs. In the second menu that opens, move your pointer to Accessories.

To start an applet from a shortcut icon, simply double-click on the icon.

Sandra E. Eddy lives in upstate New York and is the author of several computer and Internet books, including Windows 95 A to Z.

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This article was originally published in the March 1997 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Hidden Treasures.

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