How To: Finance Your Business

Where Startup Funding Comes From

Business owners obtained at least a portion of the money for starting their businesses from the following sources:

Personal savings 72%

Banks 45%

Friends/relatives 28%

Individual investors (not friends or relatives) 10%

Government-guaranteed loans 7%

Venture capital firms 1%

Banking Big on Small-Business Loans

Some banks are more committed to making small-business loans than others. Here are the top five bank holding companies in the nation making small loans for 1996. For a complete list, or to find out which banks in your state are making the most loans to small businesses, visit the Small Business Administration's (SBA) Web site

Bank Amount (in billions), Number of Loans

Keybank National Assn. $3.8, 74,542
Wells Fargo Bank $3.4, 217,399
NationsBank $3.1, 120,480
Bank One $3.0, 86,012
First Union National Bank $2.9, 66,057

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