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Fight The Funk

Selling to homebased businesses, call rating.

Marc Hardy knows firsthand how difficult it can be to bounce back from disappointment. Recently, he was turned down for a business loan. "Unlike bigger businesses, mine is more than a company, it's my life," says the Elkhart, Indiana, homebased speaker on resiliency. "If the bank doesn't believe in my business, they are saying they lack faith in me to make it a success. But banks exist to make money, not to fulfill our visions, and we have to realize that. At the same time, it's natural to take the rejection personally."

While Hardy allowed himself to feel upset about not securing the loan, he also followed his own "rules of resiliency" to help him over the funk:

1. Don't waste the "energy of anger." Anger can spark an energy charge that may leave us emotionally overwrought, exhausted and frustrated. Instead of allowing yourself to sink into the abyss, turn your negative energy into something useful.

2. Realize that very few people will ever understand what you do because you are in a league of your own. You had the guts to strike out on your own and reject the confines of the corporate world. So accept people's inability to comprehend your mission and get on with it.

3. Do some physical activity every day to fight off the blues. Mow the lawn, do the dishes, walk, whatever it takes to get the blood flowing and get your mind past the disappointment.

Lynn H. Colwell is a business writer in Post Falls, Idaho.

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