Great Expectations

Sixth Sense

I've had the ability all my life," says Carole Kennedy, a self-proclaimed intuitive consultant and founder of Carole Kennedy & Affiliates, a worldwide psychic consulting firm in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. From assisting police in locating the remains of missing persons to helping resolve professional matters for her small-business clientele, Kennedy has dedicated nearly 20 years of her life to relaying the information she receives through so-called extrasensory perception (ESP). The following are some of her predictions for 1998:

  • Women: "Women-owned businesses are going to take off at astronomical rates," she says. "Businesses started by women in the next 10 years will [become] the biggest part of the American economy."
  • International business: "In the global market, you're going to have some hot spots and some troubles." Hot spots include Australia, Canada and Western Europe, Kennedy says. And the trouble spots? She points to Asia, Cuba and South America.
  • Technology: "[The government] is getting ready to control the Internet--big-time control. It will start somewhere toward the [second half] of the year, maybe July or September. But as far as a marketplace, it's going to be the place to be. Consumers will be spending more than in the past."
  • The environment: "There will be some new regulations, especially for air, water and land. And [the government] will control hazardous waste differently."
  • Trends: "Health is going to be a huge trend. It's going to go back to more and more basics--more herbal treatments." Educational CDs and tapes for home learning will also rise in popularity, in addition to pastas, health foods, juices and vegetables, according to Kennedy.
  • Expectations: "Excitement. We are on the move and on our way. We're not going to have the whole market, but we're going to have a larger piece of the pie, and a lot more respect--and we like that."

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