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We asked Karin Pischke, a Chicago student of numerology with 30 years of experience, to interpret the state of small business for 1998. She derived her reading from a simple formula, which breaks down larger figures into a singular number (except for 11 and 22). For example, if you add 1+9+9+8, you get the sum of 27. If you then add 2+7, the result is 9. Each of the numbers holds a different meaning; generally, the higher the number, the better the luck. Below are some of her conclusions:

  • The year overall: 9. "The number 9 indicates a good time for any company having philanthropic or humanitarian aspects, especially if they can combine teaching and travel," Pischke explains. "But they would also have to curb the urge for personal satisfaction and ego gratification; otherwise it may backfire."
  • February 1998 and November 1998: 11. During these months, entrepreneurs will gain "added perceptions, added awareness and different capabilities of understanding," says Pischke. However, their idealism may leave them unhappy when perfection is not attained or lead them to blur the lines between reality and fantasy.
  • March 1998 and December 1998: 3. "These are good periods for businesses dealing with public speaking, lectures or other types of public interaction." These may also be good months for "creative and inspirational pursuits."
  • April 1998: 4. "A very stable time for all companies," she says.
  • June 1998: 6. This is the best month for businesses dealing in the apparel, restaurant, health, art and music industries, according to Pischke.
  • August 1998: 8. "Any business started this month, or already established, will find this a time of significant gain in money, achievement, power and authority, due to confidence and hard work," says Pischke.
  • October 1998: 1. "This month is a good time to start a new business," she says. The number 1 denotes opportunities in leadership, inner strength and new directions. Entrepreneurs will find success, but they must rely on themselves, rather than others. October will also be a great time to launch or manufacture a new product.

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