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Astrologers believe the alignment of the sun, moon, stars and planets directly affects the events occurring here on earth. So we called upon Del Norwood, an astrologer in Chicago, and asked her to forecast the rest of the year based on 1998's planetary cycles.

"The year gets better as it goes on," she says, "like a child learning to walk. In the early part of the year, just take baby steps because the situation overall hasn't gelled yet. And then, as the year goes on, I think the key word will be `innovation.' The new ideas are taking over more and more."

  • In the beginning of 1998, Pluto is the most important planet--and that will last until the fall. The last planet in line at this time is Saturn, which represents the principle of gaining wisdom from experience. "I think it would be prudent to be conservative, and it's a time to rethink and restructure plans," she says. "I think it would be an excellent time to review your company's mission statement or make one if you don't have one."
  • As winter ends, "I think it's going to be a volatile and unstable period," Norwood says. "It's a time to observe what's happening, and I think it's going to be a period of a major shift in public opinion, followed by a great period of optimism."
  • In midsummer, act conservatively, and lean on experience during business dealings.
  • In the fall, the planets lack a coherent pattern, according to Norwood. "I would characterize this time by the three Cs: To consolidate ideas and then to profit from communicating and cooperating," she says.
  • By year-end, entrepreneurs should have a much better sense of where they're going with their business. Says Norwood, "These months should be really comfortable. [Entrepreneurs] will be much more firmly established than they were at the beginning of the year."

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