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Accelerated Graphics Port: A port that enables the computer to bypass the graphics pathway inside the computer, where there's often a bottleneck, and access the main memory system along a dedicated route.

Energy Star: A U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standard for energy efficiency.

Extended Data-Out (EDO) RAM: A chip that enhances memory speed by overlapping internal operations.

Input/output (I/O) port: The interface in a computer that sends data from one part of the PC to another.

Local area network (LAN): A network of computers that share data.

MMX: Technology that accelerates video, audio and graphics performance.

Multimedia: Sound, video, animation, text and pictures on a single computer. A sound card and speakers are required; multimedia computers incorporate these as standard equipment.

Parallel port: The outlet used for side-by-side data transmission; it connects two pieces of equipment, such as a computer and printer. Most printers are connected directly to a computer through the computer's parallel port.

Peripheral component interconnect (PCI) bus: A new standard for an electronic system that travels between the CPU and other parts of the computer. Intel's PCI bus is one of the fastest available.

Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA) card: Credit-card-sized accessories that enable computers to increase their capabilities. The cards fit into built-in bays or into PCMCIA cable connectors.

Serial port: A connection through which data is transmitted.

Synchronous Dynamic RAM (SD-RAM): Faster than the standard RAM, reducing memory access time because of a high bandwidth.

Synchronous Graphics RAM (SG-RAM): High-performance graphics memory.

Universal Serial Bus (USB) port: A standard, universal port that operates at two speeds. It eliminates the need for multiple connectors, reducing cable clutter, and allows devices to be attached or detached while the system is running.

Year 2000-compliant: A computer that's configured to automatically reset the date at the turn of the century.

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This article was originally published in the February 1998 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Going For Seconds.

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