You Say You Want A Revolution?

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Technology has become instrumental to your revolution--it is both the key that's loosed the chains of corporate bondage and the one common denominator between you and Them. Just as technology has dictated the direction of homebased business, homebased business owners are dictating the direction of technology. Fifteen percent of all U.S. adults on the Internet say they own a home business; you're five times as likely to find a home business operator on the Internet as one who is not.

"In the high-tech [arena], there's more freedom to be different," says Wasow. "There are going to be lots of businesses based on somebody making smart decisions about some niche industry. And all you'll need is a good mind and a home computer."

Wasow, Berner, and their respective minds and computers have quite a future ahead of them. Meanwhile, Berner continues to field calls from major corporations and even invites a select few corporate executives over to the impressive house he built to incorporate his home office.

As New York Online continues to grow, Wasow is considering moving to another apartment so his business can stay where it is. "We have a funky office atmosphere, and that appeals to employees and clients who don't want a middle-of-the-road product," says Wasow. "In programming, we have a saying: If there's a bug you can't get rid of, call it a feature. In some ways, that's precisely what we've done. Rather than think of running a business out of an apartment as a limitation, it's something we take pride in and celebrate."

And, by the way--you may be asking--who are we? What we hope to be is not only the authority on what's happening in homebased business but also your guide to what will happen next. We want to address your concerns, satisfy your needs, exchange ideas, fight your causes. We want to help you celebrate. And through it all, we'd like to get to know you better. This could, after all, be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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New York Online, (718) 596-6000,

Jeff Berner Creative, (707) 878-2246,

Find/SVP Emerging Technologies Research Group,

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