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If your work takes you to clients' offices or other remote places during the week, check out Big Island Communications Inc.'s YoYo Telephone Manager for Macintosh and Windows. Costing $99 for the basic analog version and about $399 for an ISDN version, YoYo was designed to improve productivity by filtering, forwarding and managing calls using caller ID. So if you're off-site, YoYo can forward a call to a pager or cell phone. If you're on-site, YoYo can notify you of a call using a screen pop-up; you can choose to take it or ignore it. YoYo also works with most address book software, allowing users to speed-dial through their computers.

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Big Island Communications Inc., (800) 788-7751,

Centrepoint Technologies,

Mostly Murder, 50 W. 86th St., Ste. A-2,New York, NY 10024, (212) 877-CLUE

Richardson International, (805) 288-2263,


Southwestern Bell,

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