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East Meets West

Making the most of your office space.

When it comes to designing your home office, consulting an interior designer can help pave the way to a productive, aesthetically pleasing work environment. Today, many such professionals are well-versed in feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement dating back more than 4,000 years. Practitioners believe a room's arrangement will directly affect your life and business--either positively or negatively.

"The house or building is a metaphor of the self," says James Allyn Moser, a Feng Shui practitioner and owner of the Feng Shui Warehouse in San Diego. "The building will mirror the individual." Feng shui not only works to achieve an overall balance of energy in the environment, but staunch supporters also believe it will bring wealth to your business.

Though Moser recommends consulting an expert, there are steps the feng shui-inspired can take on their own. The most important element of any office, contends Moser, is your desk's position. "You need to be able to see the door and see what's coming at you," he explains. It's also preferable to have your back to the wall and keep your desk out of the door's pathway. "That's like sitting in the middle of the road," says Moser.

The addition of accessories, such as wind chimes, art or a small, trickling fountain, can evoke positive feelings and soothe an otherwise stressful atmosphere. A strategically placed mirror can help enlarge your work space and bring different views into your office. "More people today have home businesses," says Moser. "People have more control over their environment, compared to the old way where we had to go to work and were stuck with what we got."

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