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You've spent months envisioning your new home office. You close your eyes and there it is, crystal clear. If only you could see an accurate, tangible representation ahead of time, before putting it all together.

Now you can, with the help of Visual Home, a new Internet-enhanced interior design product from Books That Work, a software development and publishing company in Palo Alto, California. With Visual Home, priced at $39.95, you can design, remodel and redecorate rooms in your home. Just download pictures of thousands of real manufacturers' furnishings and appliances from the Visual Home Web site http://www.btw.com, and place them accordingly. Before long, you'll have created a setup that works for you. And to keep you on budget while redecorating, the program includes a shopping list that automatically tracks how much virtual money you've spent.

Minimum system requirements include a 486 PC, Windows 95, 8MB RAM, 3MB available hard-drive space and a CD-ROM drive.

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