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If you're in the market for a notebook computer, you've probably noticed that many models include countless bells and whistles, sending their prices through the roof. One exception is Compaq Computer's Armada 1530DM portable computer. Starting at $2,499, it's a more value-oriented model, but it still has the power and speed a business demands.

The Armada 1530DM has an impressive 133 MHz Intel Pentium processor with MMX technology, a generous 1.4GB hard drive and 16MB RAM (upgradable to 80MB). With these kinds of features, there's even enough power and storage to handle high-end graphics and presentation applications to create sales presentations and show them on the 12.1-inch STN (Super Twist Nemotic) display.

Other standard features include a 33.6 Kbps data fax/modem with full duplex speaker phone, 10-speed CD-ROM drive and a choice of Windows 95 or Windows NT. One useful function lets you simultaneously talk on the phone and transmit data or a fax using a single phone line. If you want to make a call and send a fax at the same time, just plug the computer into the phone jack to send the fax and use the speakerphone to conduct your call with JustConnect Software (included). The Armada 1530DM is available through authorized Compaq dealers; for more details, surf over to or call (800) OK-COMPAQ.

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