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The Telenium from Panasonic Telecommunication Systems is part of a new generation of telephones that work in both cordless and cellular modes. At home, the Telenium ($199, excluding an activation fee) functions as a 900 MHz cordless phone whose calls are charged at land-line rates. But take it 1,000 feet away from the base, and the phone switches to analog cellular mode and calls are charged at higher rates.

Available through cellular resellers nationwide, the Telenium works well in home offices because it bundles both cordless and cellular features into one phone at a good price. Since you still have two numbers (one for cellular service and one for home), you can cut down on air charges by giving the cell phone number only to select clients. And, if a phone call is made to your cell phone number when you're in the office, the call will be automatically transferred to your home if your area has Authorization and Call Routing Equipment service.

The phone features a built-in charger, caller ID (in cordless mode only), 30-channel scan and an alphanumeric display. Cordless talk time is about 170 minutes with 20 hours standby; cellular talk time is 90 minutes with 12 hours standby.

The base station has speed dial, a speakerphone, an intercom with two-way paging, and caller ID storage for the last 30 calls received. You can also register up to three handsets, so when you have one phone near the base unit and one phone at a desk, the call can be transferred.

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