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With the long hours you put in, you may feel like you're tied to your desk. Add ugly mouse and keyboard cords to the mix, and your office can begin to look cluttered. If you'd like some freedom, wireless keyboards may be the answer. Instead of cords, wireless keyboards use infrared or radio frequencies to communicate, run on batteries and have touchpads built into the keyboard so there's no need for a mouse. As computing becomes more mouse-driven, it's convenient to have a keyboard and mouse in one unit.

One model to consider is Interlink Electronics's VersaPoint Wireless Keyboard ($159.95). Plug the infrared receiver into your computer, and this ergonomic keyboard--powered by four AA batteries--will function up to 50 feet away.

To use the integrated pointing device, you can either tap your finger on the VersaPad touchpad or use the stylus for more sensitive jobs.

The keys are smaller on this keyboard, feeling more like those on a notebook computer. So if you do heavy keyboard work, this product probably isn't for you. But if you need a keyboard for, say, Internet browsing and light word processing, the VersaPoint keyboard is a good option. It's available through computer resale outlets, or Interlink Electronics at (800) 340-1331, online at

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