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For Sale By Owner

Getting the most for the business you built.

Are sales so good at your business that you're ready to sell your house and move to bigger digs? Or have you finally been able to pad that savings account enough to have a down payment for your first home? Your first reaction may be to let a local realtor handle the process, but that can cost a good chunk of change. You don't have to pay those stiff fees if you do it yourself. Sounds scary, but it may not be as time-consuming or confusing as you think.

Deerfield, Florida-based E-Z Legal Forms Inc.'s Buying/Selling Your Home software program takes the sting out of realtor fees and spells out the buying and selling process in easy-to-understand terms. The program's glossary of useful terms can make you sound like a real estate pro even if you've never heard of a "quitclaim deed" or a "balloon mortgage." Even better, the program lets you sail through the paperwork process by clicking fill-in-the-blank forms for everything from a "personal financial statement" to a "release and waiver of option rights." Available in software specialty stores and major office supply warehouses, the Windows-based CD-ROM and 3.5-inch floppy disks will set you back about $30--nothing compared to the thousands you'd pay a realtor.

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