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New software to boot up your business.

Mac-In-DOS Plus by Pacific Microelectronics Inc. is a Macintosh-to-Windows transfer utility that lets Windows machines view high-density Macintosh disks and copy the Macintosh files to the Windows machine for conversion to a Windows format. Programs like Microsoft Word, for example, can import Macintosh documents (for Word) once Mac-In-DOS Plus converts them.

If you use a PC-compatible computer but have clients who bring you word processing documents, graphics, spreadsheets or other files on Macintosh diskettes, this is your first step toward looking like you can handle it all.


List price: $99.95

Requires: Windows 3.1, 95 or NT.

Pacific Microelectronics Inc.

(800) 628-3475

Rebecca Frances Rohan has been a computer and Internet journalist since 1988. She is a contributing editor for Internet Shopper and Intranet Construction Site.

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