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Transparent Language Inc.'s Easy Translator 1.0 helps you understand documents, e-mail or even Web pages written in Spanish, French or German with English translations that take only seconds. You can even translate a simple message of your own into recognizable Spanish, French or German without understanding the target language. Convert among all four languages in any direction with this package.

When you open Easy Translator, a small tool bar sits on top of your regular applications. To translate text from your applications, select a language direction, then just select and copy the desired text, wait a few seconds for the processing message to disappear and paste the translated text wherever you want it. To translate a Web page, choose a language direction and "Internet," then click an icon. The translated Web page appears in your browser window as if it were the original.

Although Easy Translator provides the gist of the translated document rather than a polished message, it's an extremely handy tool for sending and receiving messages quickly and easily. The program also comes with Web addresses for foreign-language sites.


List price: $49

Requires: 386 PC; Windows 3.1, 95 or NT; 8MB RAM; 15MB hard-drive space; and CD-ROM.

Transparent Language Inc.

(603) 465-2230

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