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Smart Cookies

You can sell: baby bottles, cooking kits, pet greetings.

Transforming children from cookie monsters into cooking monsters is easier than you think. Give your customers the opportunity to invite their children into the kitchen for some quality cooking time with Kids Cooking Kits.

The kits provide all the necessary ingredients to make three dozen shortbread cookies in a variety of fun shapes. Each kit comes with three or four cookie cutters (depending on the kit), cookie ingredients, an icing bag and candies to decorate the finished sweets. Simple directions are printed on the package. The Kids Cooking Kits are recommended for children ages 3 to teen; adult supervision is advised.

Four kits are available. The Cookie Zoo, Sea of Cookies and Arctic Cookie Adventure all include animal-shaped cookie cutters. The Holiday Cookie Collection includes cookie cutters shaped like a tin soldier, a gingerbread house and a shooting star.

Wholesale prices range from $5 to $6. Suggested retail prices are $10 to $12 for the Holiday Cookie Collection and $12 for the other kits. Minimum order: one case of 12 kits.

From Kids Cooking Kits, San Diego. To order, call (800) 718-1855.

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