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By Jessica Hale

Get in on the fitness-product craze by selling a new product that provides the benefits of exercise without the painful injuries associated with high-impact activities. Xolopers are exercise boots that, when strapped over regular athletic shoes, absorb the impact generated by exercise, releasing it to the muscles instead of the knees, ankles and lower back.

Customers can walk, run and even do aerobics wearing Xolopers because the specially designed rubber soles prevent slipping. The one-size-fits-all boots are equipped with a buckling system that adjusts to fit over athletic shoes.

Each pair of Xolopers comes with a set of Energy Return Tension (ERT) Bands. A full range of these snap-in bands can be purchased separately to customize the Xolopers for any fitness level. The soft-tension bands are great for beginning exercisers, while more advanced athletes will want medium, firm or extra-firm tension bands.

Wholesale prices: Xolopers, $72 per pair; ERT Bands, $14.40 per set. Suggested retail prices: Xolopers, $119.99 per pair; ERT Bands, $23.99 per set. Minimum order: 2 cases (10 pairs).

From JJCO Inc., Winnipeg, Manitoba. To order, call (888) XOLOPER

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