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For most people, home ownership is a dream come true--except when something breaks down or needs repairing. To handle the little hassles that come with home ownership, The Chore Store acts as a middleman, brokering the services of companies it's screened, qualified and guaranteed to meet home-related needs. The Chore Store matches customers with reliable service companies to handle everything from repair and maintenance to catering and house-sitting.

The Chore Store offers a part-time start-up opportunity with its Business to Grow Home Service Referral package. In return for a one-time fee of $7,500, you receive everything you need to start your own referral service, including a comprehensive how-to manual, marketing materials and software to track vendors and clients' requests.

The Chore Store brokers charge clients an annual fee of $50 to arrange vendor services and provide customer service if any problems arise. You can charge an additional $25 to meet vendors at your clients' homes when your clients are unavailable. The vendors you screen pay you a percentage of their fees in return for your marketing and negotiation services.

For more information about The Chore Store, call (404) 215-9811

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