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To Tell The Truth

Fasten your seatbelts: We're about to shatter some of the most common small-business myths.

Human nature compels us to seek answers to the questions daily life poses. Where did we come from? Why does the sun rise? Who is running this show? We want to know the truth. But sometimes the truth is too darned complicated. So we nudge it, massage it, dilute it and mold it into a simple, compact package we can grasp. In other words, we create a myth.

Unfortunately, our society--not unlike many cultures that have preceded us--has started to mistake these myths for truths. If we've heard something repeatedly, it must be right, right? Once a myth hits our societal grapevine, truth is doomed. In the hands of the gullible or the uninformed, the dangers increase: A myth can spur decisions, actions or devotions that end up actually causing real-life damage.

Entrepreneurs, for better or worse, plow one of the most fertile fields for mythology. Whether it's through splashy infomercials, overly enthusiastic pseudo-entrepreneurs or pure human greed, certain untruths have been circulating for far too long. We decided it's time to debunk a few of the big ones.

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