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The Geek's Guide

By Debra Phillips

Can you run a business today and not have an Internet site? Well, maybe. But if you dare bypass the electronic world altogether, you're certainly giving your competition an unnecessary advantage--one that might prove fatal. The good news: You don't have to be a Bill Gates clone to plug into the Internet and its many opportunities.

Enter The Geek's Guide to Internet Business Success: The Definitive Business Blueprint for Internet Developers, Programmers, Consultants, Marketers, and Service Providers (Van Nostrand Reinhold, $22.95 paper). Written by Bob Schmidt, The Geek's Guide simplifies the process of going online. Assures Schmidt, "Today, the Internet is no longer the province of rocket scientists."

Whether you wish to launch an Internet-related business or merely incorporate the Internet into your own company, The Geek's Guide offers a good grounding in the basics. "There is every reason to believe that Web development will grow to become a permanent force in business and marketing communications," Schmidt argues, "every bit as important as graphic design, advertising agencies and public relations firms."

Don't be left out in the cold--electronically speaking, that is. The Geek's Guide will show you how not to get your lines crossed.

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