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Smart sales and marketing tips to punch up your business

A friend of mine loves to tell the story about the time he went to buy a car. He made it clear that all he wanted was a stripped down, bottom-of-the-line import, but he was treated as if he had come in asking to see the latest, fully loaded luxury car. His two young kids were given stuffed animals and escorted to a play room. A few weeks after purchasing the car, my friend received a tin of cookies from the dealer with a note from the salesperson.

The dealer didn't get the order because of these extras, of course. But over the next few months, whenever my friend was asked about his new car, the first thing he did was recommend the dealership where he made his purchase.

Such is the power of customer service. More often than not, the only way a company can distinguish itself from its competitors is if its product or service is easier for customers to buy. The homebased entrepreneur who realizes this will have a clear advantage over his or her competitors.

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