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Feeling burned out and uncreative? Perhaps the culprit is one you least expect: the palette of colors surrounding your work area. Something as simple as the paint on your office walls can impact your mood and senses--and your business.

"Unfortunately for almost everybody, we don't pay attention to what color does for us," says Samuelle Easton, a color psychologist in New York City. Easton points out that although a single answer won't be right for all of us, certain properties of color can be used as a guide.

"An appropriate color will make the environment much more comfortable, ergonomically functional and productive," she says. "If the colors are inappropriate, they can be distracting and increase anxiety."

To discover the color that's best for you, consider your lighting source and how it shifts throughout the day. For instance, you might not want to paint a dark color on the wall surrounding a window, because the human eye has difficulty adjusting to extreme contrasts.

You don't have to be an artist to design a color-friendly office. "I suggest people explore color and play with it," Easton says. "As long as you feel good, you'll be productive and creative."

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