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Look, Ma! No Wires!

What do you get when you take a monitor, a hard drive, a modem, a printer, a telephone and a fax machine and put them all in one office? A tangled mess of wires, of course.

To conceal the chaos, consider the Access 5000 Raceway from The Wiremold Company in West Hartford, Connecticut. It hides your wires beneath a snap-on cover that blends in to your existing decor.

The Raceway mounts to a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, drywall and plaster. If you want to make changes later, simply snap off the cover and rewire. And you can place your equipment where you want--not just in front of predetermined wall outlets.

Sold nationwide through major electrical and communications distributors, the Raceway starts at $5.50 per foot. Call (800) 621-0049 for more information.

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