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With a whopping 1GB of storage per cartridge, SyQuest's SparQ drive is a flexible storage solution. By saving important files and applications on a removable cartridge, you can use it as a second hard drive or easily back up data to it from a desktop computer. You can also create personal "hard drives" for family members on cartridges.

The SparQ drive's sleek design works well on a crowded desk or on the road. Hook it to your computer's parallel port, and it provides extra storage for high-end software, graphics and anything else you can't squeeze on your hard drive. What's more, its portability allows you to transport files and applications.

The SparQ drive ($199), available through select retailers and authorized SyQuest resellers, also comes with McAfee Network Web Scan for detecting viruses before downloading Internet files, and WebVCR off-line browsing software. Cartridges cost $39 each or $99 for a 3-pack. For more information, visit http://www.syquest.com

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