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Census Shopping Network

The final stop of our tour is at CenStore and CenStats on the home page. CenStore lists all the Census Bureau and Government Printing Office products available for purchase.

CenStat is an online service that provides access to the more popular census data files in greater detail, for subscription rates of either $40 quarterly or $125 annually. What do you get for your money? Kavaliunas says this service offers International Data in four-digit, rather than one-digit, Standard International Trade Classification codes; 1,000 data items as opposed to 100 or so in the U.S. county profile; and a census tract locator providing detailed neighborhood statistics.

In January, the Census Bureau introduced a CD-ROM, Landview III, that functions similarly to the Tiger Map Service. The full U.S. version is $549; a combination of states costs $99. These products can be purchased through the Census Bureau's Web site.

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