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Another option is to invite clients to your home office and show them presentations on one of the impressive new PC-TV devices. These so-called convergence technologies, including the PC Theatre 9000 from Compaq Computer, are drawing considerable attention because they take the best from computer, stereo and video technology and meld them into one digital media product. One advantage of showing your presentations on such a device in your home office is that you can completely control the environment. Plus, displaying it on one of these state-of-the-art systems is sure to impress clients (and it's great for watching movies with the kids after hours, too).

One model to consider is the Destination Digital Media Computer (starting at $2,499) from Gateway 2000. As with any PC, you can use it to create presentations with popular presentation programs. The base model comes with a 166 MHz Pentium processor, 32MB RAM and a 2GB hard drive. But when it's time to give your presentation, you can roll out the red carpet and show it in style on a 31-inch VGA color monitor that resembles a big-screen television and boasts a high-resolution display (36-inch monitors are also available). The Destination Digital Media Computer also has a high-quality sound system, a DVD-ROM drive (optional), and a wireless keyboard and remote control to conduct your presentation from anywhere in the room.

Yet even when you're using such impressive technology, keep in mind that having the right technology to create and show your presentation is just one part of the process. To give successful presentations, you also need to spend a considerable amount of time on your delivery. Spend plenty of time practicing your presentation out loud, perfecting its delivery and learning how to use your presentation technology smoothly. Says Wilder, "Remember, you are still the message."

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