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Steak Your Claim

By Michelle Prather

Are your customers tired of losing their delectable meats and vegetables to the depths of a flaming barbecue? Offer an end to this dinnertime drama with the patented Roto-Kabob 7-Piece Shish Kabob Grill Set.

The Roto-Kabob Grill Set is the no-nonsense way to evenly grill or broil everything from shish kabobs to corn on the cob. The stainless steel device has six skewers that turn simultaneously with the twist of a center handle, conveniently placed away from the heat. Foods are kept in place--rather than in the fire--with the V-shaped design of each skewer. The Grill Set's rack adjusts to three different heights, is safe for indoor and outdoor use, disassembles easily for convenient storage and is dishwasher-safe.

You can add to your profits by selling accessories such as the 3-Piece Roto-Rac set. Its three cylindrical supports fit over the Roto-Kabob's skewers to make cooking oblong foods a cinch. The Roto-Kabob Electric Motor Unit allows the cook to step away and entertain while the center Grill Set's handle rotates automatically.

Wholesale prices: Roto-Kabob Grill Set, $13.98; Roto-Rac, $7.49; Roto-Kabob Electric Motor Unit, $14.99. Suggested retail prices: Roto-Kabob Grill Set, $29.99; Roto-Rac, $14.95; Roto-Kabob Electric Motor Unit, $28.95. Minimum order: one case of 12.

From Kristline Corp., Rochelle Park, New Jersey. To order, call (800) 364-5442.

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