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Let your customers hang loose from the worry of untied shoelaces with 'Lastic Laces.

'Lastic Laces are coiled, elastic shoelaces that never have to be tied, and fit any shoe size, from infant to adult. They never lose elasticity, and shoes can be slipped on and off easily.

Regular-sized 'Lastic Laces come in 13 colors; there's also a longer version for boots and high-tops.

Wholesale prices: regular size, $1.50 per pair; longer size, $1.80 per pair. Suggested retail prices: regular size, $3 to $4 per pair; longer size, $4 to $5 per pair. Minimum order: three dozen pairs.

From PPP Enterprises, Augusta, Georgia. To order, call (800) 770-4325.

Contact Sources

Irvin's Tinware Co., R.R. 1 Box 73, 102 Cedar Ln., Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA 17853

Kristline Corp., fax: (201) 845-0240

PPP Enterprises, fax: (706) 855-1348

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