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Typically, purchasing a computer for an employee means selecting a model that's ideal for performing specific tasks. It also means finding one that complements the computer resources you already have. For Warner Weiss, owner of Sugars International LLC, an Englewood, Colorado, homebased software development and consulting business for the sugar industry, the answer was the Hewlett-Packard Brio 8177.

Weiss was already using one of Hewlett-Packard's Vectra models for software development. What he needed was a PC for his part-time accountant to keep the books on, and one to back up software used by clients in the field. For Weiss, the Brio 8177, which contains a 233 MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology, 32MB RAM, 1MB VRAM and a 4GB hard drive, filled the bill. "We were looking for a machine that stepped up the speed and performed better backup. So far it's worked really well," says Weiss, 55.

At a price of $1,689, the Brio 8177 comes loaded with Microsoft Word and other business productivity software. This was attractive to Weiss because he needed a PC with software that would allow his accountant to create letters and other correspondence. Weiss added Hewlett-Packard's 7110 rewritable CD-ROM drive to back up accounting and client data, software and more.

For Weiss, the Brio 8177's strong communication tools have been a real plus. This model comes with a 56 Kbps modem, which he uses for speedy Internet access; he also finds it handy for sending and receiving large files via e-mail to and from his many international clients. Weiss is also using the Brio 8177 to create a Web page for his business.

Visit Hewlett-Packard's Web site at for details.

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