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Unlike cubicle-bound employees, those of us who work on our own don't have to worry about punching a clock to earn a paycheck. But what about getting that paycheck? Just because you've completed a job doesn't mean you'll be paid right away. If you're waiting for that check so you can pay your mortgage, the bank may not be as understanding with you as you are with your clients. To make sure you get paid on time, follow these tips:

1. When you accept a job, confirm payment terms in writing.

2. Bill every two weeks instead of every 30 days. This may expedite payments.

3. Accounts payable departments often need a vendor number before invoices can be paid, so provide them with one when you're hired. It takes time to get into the system, so get in early.

4. State on your invoice that payment is expected when invoiced and that a late fee is calculated on accounts in arrears over 30 days.

5. If a client is consistently delinquent, you may have to take stronger measures, including not accepting further assignments.

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