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The Envelope, Please

Tired of trekking to the post office? No matter how little mailing you do, you can send packages without ever leaving home.

  • Airborne Express (800-247-2676). Airborne's PACE account offers a discount rate and has no monthly fee or minimum shipping volume. Account use is monitored; as the number of packages sent from your home office increases, your rates go down.
  • FedEx (800-463-3339). For occasional shipments, you can call to schedule next-day pickups or use free FedEx Ship software (available for both Windows and Macintosh at http://www.FedEx.com), which allows you to process shipments without manual paperwork, arrange pickups and track shipment status. You can also arrange for daily scheduled pickups for no extra charge.
  • UPS (800-742-5877). For one-time shipping, you can call to have a package picked up the next business day. Or, for a weekly service charge, you can arrange for daily pickup.

Contact Sources

AnimalGifts, (800) 529-1832, http://www.animalgifts.com

Jane Deterding and Michael Lamb, c/o ProfitTalk Inc., (316) 634-2645, http://www.moneyroom.com

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