How To: Find Distributors

Give And Take

The relationship between a product's manufacturer and a distributor is a two-way street. Each must fulfill certain tasks to get the product to market and keep it on the shelves.

The manufacturer's role:

  • Make a quality product.
  • Use advertising and other means to create demand for the product.
  • Provide marketing materials.
    *Have the capacity to fill any order the distributor gets.
  • Offer incentives to distributors' sales forces.
  • Don't undercut your distribution network. When customers call you directly, pass their orders on to your distributor or sales rep.
  • Provide technical support or other quality customer service.

The distributor's role:

  • Respond quickly when the manufacturer passes on sales leads.
  • Provide storage for products prior to sale.
  • Fill customers' orders quickly and accurately.
  • Assist in building a market for the product.
    *Give customer feedback to the manufacturer.
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