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Thinking about starting a homebased business? If you need a kick in the pants, pick up Tips for Your Home Office, by Meredith Gould (Storey Books, $14.95, 800-441-5700).

While much of Gould's advice can be found in other books about homebased business, what stands out is her attention to the psychological, emotional and physical aspects of running a homebased business--areas rarely explored.

In one chapter, Gould discusses using biorhythms to "practically [guarantee] more alertness and productivity." Pay attention, she promises, and you'll work more efficiently, with less fatigue. In another chapter, she explains how errors in thinking can stand in the way of success.

Few business books so strongly make the link between a healthy psyche and a healthy bottom line. Gould does it with a light touch that makes this an easy but stimulating read.

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